Treatment of Dogs: What to expect on the first visit

The first treatment normally takes between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the condition. Plenty of time is allowed for nervous/anxious dogs to settle in the treatment room before assessment begins. I use time and food to encourage compliance/relaxation in the treatment room, so if your pet has food allergies, please bring your own treats/toys, preferably something of "high value" to the dog that he/she finds very tasty! Please do not bring toys or bones that will trigger a possessive or guarding response from your dog.

  • Full history of complaint and record of the dogs normal daily activity levels taken
  • Moving assessment in walk, trot and canter on hard and soft surfaces (gravel, sand and rubber arena and / or grass) to assess for lameness/stiffness/ adapted gait patterns
  • Observation of posture, behaviour and reaction to handling
  • Full manual assessment on the floor or table depending on the size/state of anxiety of the dog
  • Physiotherapy treatment where appropriate
  • Advice on home treatment/exercise levels and rehabilitation exercise at home
  • Advice on management of complex neurological,surgical and geriatric dogs in the home environment
  • Including rehabilitation aids such as ramps/ boots/ harnesses/ carts etc
  • Communication with the vet/hydrotherapist/trainer/behaviourist where necessary

Animal Physiotherapy in Kent and Sussex