Treatment of Horses: What to expect on the first visit

The first treatment usually takes about 90 minutes and will include:

  • Full history taken, (including the present complaint)
  • Full manual assessment in the stable:
    • Observation of posture, behaviour and reactions to handling
    • Hands on assessment of muscle tone, joint stiffness, range of motion both active and passive, pelvic alignment and spinal posture, pain, swelling and heat
  • Moving assessment to check for lameness and gait adaptations due to pain or stiffness:
    Walk and trot up and/or lunge assessment on soft surface
    Ridden assessment where possible including saddle fit assessment
    Lunge on hard surface where necessary to assess lameness
  • Physiotherapy treatment where appropriate
  • Advice on home treatment and exercise regime
  • Communication with owners vet/saddler/trainer where appropriate

Animal Physiotherapy in Kent and Sussex